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Termos e condições
RunTourism is a tourist animation company registered in Turismo de Portugal with the RNAAT
In accessing or using RunTourism's website or tours, you are manifestly expressing your consent with the following terms and conditions.
If you disagree with any part of our terms you will not able to use our services.
Reservations and Payment
To book a tour with RunTourism, you need to make a tour booking enquiry. This can be done by emailing info@runtourism.eu, by completing the online general contact form at http://www.runtourism.eu/contact-us.html, or by completing the online booking form specific to the desired tour that can be accessed from http://www.runtourism.eu/running-tours.html.
If you have made your tour booking enquiry either via email or via the Contact Form, RunTourism will reply to your enquiry by email, to the email address from which you have made your enquiry or that you provided in the Contact Form. The delay of the response to the booking enquiry may vary, but is typically of 24 hours. RunTourism will communicate the availability or not of the tour you wish to book.
If the tour is available, you will be asked to choose between a payment via PayPal, VISA or bank transfer. It is only upon your confirmation of the payment mode that RunTourism will reserve the place(s) and confirm this reservation by email. If you have chosen to pay by PayPal or VISA card, the payment must be finalized until at most one hour before the start of the tour. Otherwise, RunTourism will cancel the reservation.
If you have made your tour book enquiry via the Tour Booking Form, and if the tour you wish to book is available, you will automatically be presented the option to pay online via PayPal, VISA card or money transfer. If you choose to pay by PayPal or VISA card, you will be immediately prompted to do so. The booking process will be finalized only once you have paid. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, the booking process will finalize right after the selection of the payment mode. In all cases, when the booking and payment process is finalized, you will receive a confirmation by email.
You should be at the starting point of the tour you reserved at most 10 minutes later than the hour of start of the tour. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you may miss the tour's depart.
RunTourism reserves the right to modify a tour circuit and thus exclude sights, areas and topics from a tour, in the event of the circuit being adversely disrupted by external events. No refunds will be offered for any modified tour itineraries.
Cancelations and Refunds
To cancel or modify a booking, you need to contact us by email at info@runtourism.eu. If your cancelation or modification request is made at most 24 hours before the start of the tour, RunTourism will provide a full refund or modify the booking to an alternative date or time if available, depending on your expressed preference. Refunds are given via the original payment method. Please note that refunds can take up to 14 days to process.
RunTourism will not refund any cancelations requested less than 24 hours before the start of the tour. Where possible we will offer an alternative date or time to reschedule the original tour.
RunTourism is unable to refund participants who do not show for a tour. If a participant is not present at most 10 minutes after the start of the tour, RunTourism will consider that the participant has failed to show for the tour.
RunTourism reserves the right to cancel a tour for any reason. In the unlikely event RunTourism cancels a scheduled tour, participants will be informed via their contact email address and an attempt will also be made to contact participants via their contact phone number. In such an occasion a full refund will be given via the original payment method.
Participant Responsibility and Health
RunTourism is not liable for any loss, theft or damage caused to a participant’s belongings before, during or after a tour. It may be possible to store small items in your guide’s back pack but participants do so at their own risk of loss, theft or damage.
Participants are also responsible for their own safety before, during and after a tour. RunTourism is not liable for any injury, accident or even death caused to a participant before, during or after a tour.
Participants should follow the tour guide's instructions throughout the tour.
RunTourism reserve the right to refuse to allow a participant to take part in our tours based on his or her medical conditions. In booking our tours you acknowledge that you are in physical condition to participate in our tours. RunTourism strongly recommends that you consult your doctor and gain medical approval before commencing any running or fitness walking tour with us.  
Participants must inform RunTourism about any medical condition that they have, even though it may not be directly important to the ability to participate in the tour.
Participants Behavior
RunTourism reserves the right to refuse a participant to take part in a tour, at the start of, or at any time during the tour, should the participant’s behavior be deemed to be offensive to other participants and/or guides or to be putting the safety of participants and/or guides at risk.
Image rights
RunTourism holds the right to use the fotographic and videographic material gattered before, during and after the tour for promocional purposes.
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time.
Any new version of the Terms will not apply retroactively but replaces and supersedes the previous Terms. We advise you to frequently consult the Terms and Conditions and to save the latter version on durable media.
 If you have any questions concerning our Terms please contact us at info@runtourism.eu.
@ Copyright 2021 | Run Tourism | RNAAT n.º 197/2021
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